Senior Business Systems Analyst

Senior level Business Analyst supporting Cash Management strategic initiatives.
You will work closely with all levels of business and technology partners to implement and support important initiatives. Manages complex and critical projects for Cash Operations. Familiarity with SWIFT messaging, money movement, regulatory requirements, web front ends and back office support functions are all part of the job function.
Required to work weekend hours as needed to support testing and upgrades/implementations.
Requires excellent communication skills, analytical ability and strong project execution skills. Must be able to work effectively with all levels of staff and management in technology and business units.
In depth technical knowledge of daily financial industry usually acquired through experience in related areas is required to design process improvements and provide support.
Knowledge of cash payment systems and technological capabilities usually acquired through formal training or experience is required to assess automation enhancements. Project leadership skills are required to negotiate with partners and implement systems changes.
Organizational skills are required to develop and monitor project and testing plans.
Major Duties
1. Defines and manages one or multiple phases of major projects. Determines resource needs and recommends test strategies. Manages and implements projects. Oversees all project activities and provides status reports.
2. Interacts with technology, product management, and business units to formulate and implement solutions to enhance existing services, create new client deliverables, or improve processes. Identifies impact of changes and processes on staff; facilitates acceptance of change through training and communication. Provides ongoing support for the solution.
3. Reviews documents, existing procedures, and processes and recommends where automation or improved processes can be implemented. Designs/develops new procedures when appropriate.
4. Ensures compliance with all audit and regulatory requirements.
5. Sets and maintains project schedules, monitors progress toward completion of project and adjusts schedule or tasks as needed.
6. Evaluates the quality and effectiveness of new processes, systems and/or modifications to existing solutions. Coordinates testing of new systems and systems modifications.
7. Displays a balanced, cross-functional perspective, liaising with technology to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity
8. Required to work weekends as needed to support mandatory testing and system upgrades/implementations
Bachelor's degree preferred or equivalent experience
Experience within financial services industry and understanding of cash and payment systems required

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