Manager, Enterprise Architecture and Solutions Consulting

Manager will lead a global team that is responsible for the Solutions Consulting function within Northern Trust focused on delivering consulting engagements to Operations, Product, and Clients globally.
Core responsibilities include people management, consulting, communication with key stakeholders including Business Unit CIOs. Person will conduct the performance management process, identify training and development needs, establish performance standards for the relevant groups and hold staff accountable to them, and drive solutions enabling the business across our platforms and processes.
Person will manage individuals within the relevant group. Person will also develop the strategic plan for the group in terms of providing detailed resource forecasting and meeting demand across multiple concurrent priorities.
Person should be a multi-disciplinary expert with authoritative knowledge of strategic program design and required competencies.
Authoritative knowledge of fundamentals, strong knowledge in product disciplines, and expertise in solution delivery is required.
Including Subject Matter Expertise in one or more of the following:
oBrokerageoFront Office Investment and Fiduciary Practices
oAsset Management Front Office (portfolio management and trading)
oFinancial Accounting
oCorporate Risk Management
oInvestment Manager Middle Office and Custodial Manager
oFund Administration and Accounting
Person should have skills in translating broad strategic intent into tactical plans and directions to enable delivery.
Specific focus on Consulting and associated tooling and governance
Excellent leadership, organizational skills and management skills, are required to meet goals.
Person must have excellent negotiation and conflict management skills.
Excellent communication skills: oral, written and visual also required.
Major Duties
1. Lead an organization focused on Solution Consulting within Northern Trust. Conducts the performance management process, identifies training and development needs, and establishes performance standards for the relevant groups.
2. Develops periodic goals, organizes the work, sets short and long-term priorities, monitors all activities, and ensures timely and accurate completion of the work.
3. Makes staffing decisions, and ensures resources are available to accomplish priorities. Key decision-maker for the salary review process.
4. Engages with the business and technology to meet demand across multiple concurrent priorities. Provides assistance to large and complex initiatives or multiple projects and its activities. Responsible for overseeing the relevant project activities to achieve the defined scope and objectives.
5. Provides comprehensive and extensive support in planning and monitoring the activities that are necessary to complete an engagement or initiative; identifying stakeholders, selection of analysis techniques, process that will be used to manage requirements and how to assess the progress of work.
6. Engage with internal clients to understand and solve business problems. Oversees the work with stakeholders to identify and understand needs, concerns, and environment or business in which they work.
7. Manages all complex conflicts, issues and changes to requirement in order to ensure stakeholders and the project team are all in agreement on the solution scope. Reviews and determines how requirements are communicated and how the knowledge obtained is maintained for current and future use.8
. Responsible for managing the business need, refines and clarifies the definition of that need, and designs and produces a solution scope that can feasibly be implemented by the business.
9. Oversees the proposal of solutions which can best fit the business need, identifies gaps and shortcoming in solutions, and determines necessary work-around or changes to the solution.
10. Develops unit(s) budget and manages the expenses for the division/unit.
11. Specific near term goals:
Providing senior consulting services to Business Units and Business Unit technology organizations
Interacting closely with the Enterprise Architecture team regarding enterprise vision and guardrails
Ensuring resources are deployed optimally to support key stakeholders and maximize value to Northern Trust
Supporting broader Enterprise Architecture and Solution Consulting group with internal consultancy, specifically moving the needle on communication re mission, activities and progress.
1. Requires a college or university degree and/or relevant proven work experience, organizational, leadership, and management skills to provide knowledge to the functional business.
2. Extensive experience in change / design initiatives, covering such areas as operations, IT and product development; with a track record of accomplishment in large, complex projects and change initiatives.
3. Extensive experience in management providing strategic direction and solution delivery

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